Valheim: Finding Odin and Thor in Valheim

Valheim: Finding Odin and Thor in Valheim

Valheim is a new and revolutionary survival game that sold over 5 million copies in just a month, despite still being in early access. While the core concept of the game is towards survival, Valheim also features a type of narrative that revolves around Norse mythology and Vikings. And with the mention of Norse mythology, one cannot help but wonder if Thor and Odin can be seen in the game. In short, yes. These powerful deities have been seen by numerous players throughout their time spent in Valheim. In fact, the game’s campaign begins with the slain player being carried to Valheim — one of the 10 Norse realms.

As a Viking warrior, the player is tasked with restoring peace to Valheim by defeating a set of fearsome enemies that have grown considerably strong over time. During the adventure, players may feel rather lonely when playing solo. However, many fans have hinted at the sightings of Thor and Odin, the two Norse deities, keeping tabs on the player.
Now, finding Thor and Odin is quite difficult, mainly due to the fact that their sightings are very random. In fact, even the encounters are so brief that players often do not realize what they experienced. Needless to say, if players can keep an eye out for certain instances, they might eventually notice a visit from these famous Gods. Also, the chances of encountering the two deities will significantly increase later in the game.

Finding Odin in Valheim

On several occasions, players seem to have reported the sightings of a shadowy, cloaked figure standing a certain distance away from the player in Valheim. The figure seemingly emits an odd yet faint blue aura, while observing the Viking with one glowing eye. While it was difficult to comprehend the identity of this figure, but as time progressed and having looked deeper into Norse mythology, it turns out that this might just be the Allfather himself.

Norse folklore indicates the travels of Odin throughout the realms of Yggdrasil. It also hints that Odin would often don a shadowy cloak, incorporating the appearance of a traveler. In addition, Odin is also known for trading one of his eyes for gaining wisdom, proving even further that this figure is certainly Odin.

Although random, players can briefly spawn Odin by inputting the ‘spawn odin’ command in the console. This will allow Odin to appear in front of the player, disappearing if the Viking moves 20 meters away or towards him. It is natural for players to fear his presence, however, we speculate that Odin is simply observing your progress and rather appearing occasionally to comfort you instead.

Finding Thor in Valheim

After Odin, we have possibly one of the most famous mythological gods, Thor, appear in Valheim. The survival game has a variety of weather patterns, each being spectacular, beautiful and violent at times. And during thunderstorms, as the Norse mythology dictates, Thor can be seen soaring through the sky with a chariot pulled by rams. While it may be difficult to identify the chariot in a cloudy and stormy weather, Thor also marks his presence by creating a streak of blue lightning in the direction he is headed.

When compared to Odin, Thor’s sightings can be quite rare especially in the early stages of the game. In fact, you can expect yourself to go on days without seeing the God of Thunder. But, having invested quite some time into the game, players have come to find that there is a way to increase Thor’s spawn rate. This can be done by locating and defeating the fourth boss of the Mountains biome — Moder. After slaying this boss, Vikings can hang her trophy, which will allow players to increase the spawn rate by 50% for every thunderstorm.


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