Outriders – worth the hype? The good, bad, and ugly!

Outriders – worth the hype? The good, bad, and ugly!

A non-specific overview

So, there’s a thing. This thing is very much promoted and highly anticipated. You have to ask yourself when you get this thing: was it worth it? I’m going to go over that very topic, and we’re going to explore the wonderful world of Enoch without putting too many spoilers into your head.

Let’s introduce you to your new world and self: you’re an “Altered,” a new breed of person that has been transplanted to a new planetary home after the destruction of the earth. You have been changed by contact with the “anomaly” that has come through your new home destroying people, equipment, creatures, and even parts of the landscape. The anomaly doesn’t kill; it changes, sometimes in beautiful ways, sometimes in painfully grotesque ways. Your Altered is customizable up to a point, allowing you to change appearance from a set of presets, except your Altered’s name, which you choose. Enough of that, however. Let’s get to The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly.

The Good:

Outriders to improve on performance of servers and bug fixes

First, we’ll hit the good stuff. The gameplay is fast-paced, intuitive, and addictive. While the movement isn’t as free as other looter-shooters (par-kour is sub-par), you still get to go around the available maps, gather resources, pick up additional side content, and kill monsters and people, and generally have fun. The scenery, people, and art of this world are just mind-blowing, bringing you into the game with nearly seamless frame rates and breathtaking vistas. As you roam through the world, shooting and looting, your abilities and level grow, showing you new and amazing possibilities with the growing list of things you can do within your class. Your abilities are outstanding! And what’s better, you can mod your chosen gear to better amplify your abilities or traits, increasing the functionality and power of your altered. While most people that play are undeniably from Xbox due to the Xbox Game Pass release of the full version of the game, there are a variety of players from Xbox, Playstation, Steam, and Epic Games all vying for server-space, co-mingling and playing hand in hand in this new, cross-play enabled world. And that brings me to The Bad.

The Bad:

Outriders (for PC) Preview | PCMag

GLITCHES! Glitches are The Bad, though they can be and are getting fixed. The game is not yet two weeks old, and the gamers of the world have gone out of their way to make sure the development team knows of all the glitches. On release, the cross-play that was working smoothly(-ish) in the Demo started crashing the game for teams of altered throughout the game’s timeline. This in and of itself had quite a few people upset, especially if they had a crash right in the middle of a fight with an elite, and had to redo the battle when they got back in the game (this happened to me a few times). There’s a little bit of video clipping also, and oftentimes the audio doesn’t match the video feed. The biggest gripe for me, though, is definitely the matchmaking. This algorithm was supposedly streamlined for people to go into the game with other people at random. To me, it doesn’t feel very streamlined: it feels like I’m waiting for a long time, and when I do get into a game with someone else, their world tier is inevitably lower than mine, which stops me from getting the optimal loot drops.

The Ugly:

There are a lot of complaints. I’m a little hurt by the newer generation’s penchant for complaining about something before the week is out. If you’re a gamer with a big chip on your shoulder, read no further, I will make that chip feel really heavy. I’ve seen in the official Outriders discord server some people being overly abusive towards the development team, the moderators, and even towards people who just enjoy the game, despite the glitches (I’m one of those people). I was stating to the dev team that I really enjoyed the game and that it had me hooked, and I got called a simp. For those of you who don’t know what a simp is (I had to look it up), this is the official urban dictionary definition: “A man that puts himself in a subservient/submissive position under women or a woman in hopes of winning them/her over without the female bringing anything to the table or put out.” I don’t know how that applies to me, but whatever.

Despite the negative start, the bad press before the first two weeks were even over, and the glitches, this is still one of my favorite games to date. There’s a lot of content to go through, even after the final boss of the main storyline, and I can see it growing more the longer it’s out. I’ve enjoyed my time in the game tremendously and will continue to do so. I hope that all of you out there – be you a casual gamer, a hardcore in-depth nerd, a lore-hound, a completionist, or whatever type of gamer you are – have as much fun with this game as I have. For me, at least, this game is definitely worth the getting.


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1 month ago

awesome article watson! hell yea! this game is great tho for being free on gamepass.

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