Lunch Lady – Game Review with a Dash of Controversy

Lunch Lady – Game Review with a Dash of Controversy

Lunch Lady is a co-op survival horror game where one to four students have to find 10 pieces of paper to cheat on their big exam.

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There is absolutely no time to waste the moment you enter the game. She is already hunting for you and your friends. Each classroom could have one of ten pages or a life-saving medkit. Player collision is on, and you will frequently block each other in the worst moments.

A simple control scheme and simple gameplay give the player a simple experience with the minimum skill required.
A few glitches here and there do not take away from the general experience. The running seems a bit wonky, and there is an odd jittering when collided with another player.
The Lunch Lady herself radiates a sort of terror radius (Similar to Dead by Daylight) when she is nearby and will relentlessly pursue a player.
The AI is incredibly unpredictable in its movements and is not afraid to camp the area you are hiding in.

Gameplay Score 7/10


The art is like a light dash of cartoon and a dash of soft realism combined. The school itself sets an honestly realistic setup of a school. With the layout of a computer lab here, a science lab there, and even a home ec room. However, it does detract from the experience since most of these rooms are rather bare-bones or almost empty completely. Though they do fill out with basic props, credit where it’s due. It is a believable American High School.
The design of the Lunch Lady herself is horrifying. While not particularly a scary game, the imagery of her herself is pretty grotesque.
The students’ design is quite basic, but for a five-dollar horror game, they are sufficient.

Art Score 7/10

A Dash of Controversy

According to accusatory reviews, Game Developer Manic Mice could have used hidden Bitcoin mining software files in the game files to use customer machines to mine cryptocurrency. At this moment, it is entirely unconfirmed. Still, high GPU usage is a warning sign that has rung the warning bells of quite a few customers—some reporting 100% usage on a shallow demanding game.

I noticed 100% usage on my GeForce 1080ti, which usually takes much more to max out. As of this moment, the facts are probably simple; it just not being very well optimized.

Morton’s Opinion Corner

I have a group of friends that routinely play co-op horror games. I saw Lunch Lady on sale and bought it for my friend group. The game itself is generally not very scary, other than the few chase moments. The finding of the pages is not very tedious at first, with us finding 9 out of 10 within 10 minutes. The final page taking took over 20 minutes since it was hidden behind a flag after every other page was on desks.
Personally, I see that as a cheap game time extension tactic. Overall, the game was okay, but I would not recommend it until a few updates happen and some optimization.

Lunch Lady Overall Rating 6/10

It is a good game that has potential.

Mr_VonMorton signing off


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1 month ago

Damn she looks scary! Great read thanks man! Wow possible using to mine btc seems like a big scam if true 👍🏻

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