How to get better at Call of Duty in 3 steps!

How to get better at Call of Duty in 3 steps!

The Call of Duty games has always been the center of attention when it comes to the multiplayer first-person shooter scene. From the pulling off chain-kills and killstreaks, to scoring the ‘W’ in Warzone, the satisfaction is simply incomparable. However, with feature-rich games such as the recent Call of Duty titles, players often wonder how to better at CoD and become more consistent. And bearing that in mind, simply considering improving your aim will not give you the edge over other players.
Therefore, here is a list of tips and tricks, to help you improve your gaming experience when playing Call of Duty — especially CoD: Warzone.

1. Change your settings

The first rule for playing any FPS game is to adjust the settings to your playstyle. Although this may not come off as an absolute shocker many players often do not take the to familiarize themselves with the game’s configuration. Factors such as aim sensitivity need to be adjusted timely, otherwise, you might end up missing your shots and considerably ruining your aim.
The rule of thumb for setting the sensitivity, especially on PC, can be determined through different traits and tests. For instance, if you use your mouse with just your wrist, then a high sensitivity might be the way to go. However, if you require more space to move the mouse, particularly if any arm movement is involved, then a low sensitivity might do wonders for you. This applies to almost every online shooter out there, but even more so to CoD and Warzone, since these games rely heavily on the player’s reflexes and aim.

2. Know your equipment

Call of Duty Modern Warfare Weapon Tiers

As mentioned before, experienced players are easily capable of discerning the enemy’s equipment and using their flaws to their advantage. However, to reach that degree of professionalism when it comes to CoD, it was imperative for players to study, analyze, and actually use all of the guns CoD offers. Not to mention, if you’re new to the game, you may also want to figure out the strengths of the weapons as well, especially their usability in different maps, but mainly in Warzone’s Verdansk.
Whether you prefer shotguns over snipers, knowledge of each archetype might just be what you need to boost your plays. Additionally, you might also want to create different loadouts for different situations. Say, for example, if you’re playing the average fast-paced deathmatch, then close-ranged weapons such as shotguns and SMGs might help improve your game. But, if we’re talking about Warzone, then it all comes down to your personal preference. If you’re confident of your sniping skills, then opting for a sniper would be the right choice. Once you get a feel for each weapon, the next step would be to figure out the right mods and upgrades for your weapons.

3. Practice, practice, and practice

While it is possible that you’re reading this article to avoid practicing, we cannot stress enough how important it can be. One of the reasons why top eSports players are capable of adapting to essentially every FPS game they play is due to the amount of time they put into their game. Taking the likes of Shroud as an example, the player is known dominate every single game he plays, at least till the rest get better at them. This is mainly due to his inhuman aim and reflexes. And while eSports players are quite talented, most of them reached that point by intense practice routines.
But then again, you might be putting in the time and effort. However, a significant change is yet to be noticed. One of the reasons why you might not be seeing any improvement might partially be from not examining and targeting your weaknesses. If you’re having trouble with taking down targets using assault rifles, then you may want to work on your tracking. And if one-tap guns are your bane, then practicing your flicks might just do it for you. In short, you must identify your weaknesses, work on improving them, and further refine your strengths.

Ending Note
Other than the mentioned tips, communication and controlled aggression can also impact your gameplay. Players, especially beginners, often end up being either too aggressive or avoid confrontation at all cost. Nevertheless, striking the perfect balance between the two is crucial for winning gunfights. Similarly, lack of communication between a team will undoubtedly result in a loss. Every player, even if random teammates, must contribute equally to the team’s communication and make calls whenever possible.


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practice makes perfect.

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Perfect article for the kids.

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