Diablo 2: Resurrected — The Alpha Test Experience – Good or Bad?

Diablo 2: Resurrected — The Alpha Test Experience – Good or Bad?

Looking back at the evolution ARPGs and their mechanics, it is quite amazing where we currently stand. The modern ARPGs and RTS titles are far more streamlined, fluid, and possibly even more enjoyable than before. However, if there is one title that stood way ahead of its time, in fact, even revolutionized the entire industry, it would be Diablo 2 hands-down. By far the most successful game in the entire series, Diablo 2 was truly a marvel.
But despite its replay value and addicting gameplay, the game can often seem outdated and rather bland, especially to players who have not experienced Diablo 2 in its days of glory. But, be at ease for Blizzard has announced a Diablo 2 remaster in the making and to be officially released in 2021. The game will be packing refined visuals, audio, mechanics, and much more. But even better, the Diablo 2: Resurrect will have the very same gameplay that made us all fall in love with the series.
Needless to say, Blizzard initiated the Diablo 2 remaster’s alpha test this month, allowing players to sign-up and access the game between 9th April to 12th April. Here is our breakdown of the alpha-experience.

Resurrected Graphics

Simply put, the visuals in Diablo 2: Resurrected are nothing short of being astounding. The eerie and grimy theme in a world that is at the brink of destruction from evil corruptive forces. A land where the sun has ceased to shine, where anything, if not everything, is your enemy. Blizzard successfully resurrects Diablo 2 and its visuals, while further elevating several key elements.
Diablo 2: Resurrected feels darker, bleaker, and surprisingly even more detailed, especially when it comes to the game’s atmosphere. While the environment and the background aesthetics are just jaw-dropping, Blizzard has done tremendous work on improving the game’s character models, including playable characters and enemies as well. The Sorceress and her bedazzling yet lethal elemental skills are always a sight to behold, and the same can be said for the other classes as well.

Resurrected User Interface

Similar to the graphical overhaul, Blizzard has managed to completely revamp the game’s UI, further streamlining it and throwing in some added features. The most noticeable change veteran players will notice is the 10×10 stash size, which is a huge increase from the original game’s stash size. But more importantly, the stash is now shareable between the player’s characters. The former practice of transferring items was performed by creating mule characters, joining private lobbies and initiating the transfer between the characters owned by the same player. Moreover, players can simply access their possessions with the shared page.

Resurrected Gameplay

The Diablo 2 remaster was designed to incorporate the same core gameplay and mechanics the original Diablo 2 featured. Hence, there were not any drastic changes to the original game, which is definitely a huge thing for devout fans of Diablo 2. There are, however, a few changes that will only help make the gameplay more streamlined for the player.
First off, players will now automatically pick-up gold and items. Of course, the player must near the gold to acquire it, but other than that it certainly is a huge help. Resurrected also features a refresh option for the gambling page, instead of closing and reopening the window over and over again. This is definitely an incredible QoL change for end-game players.

From the time we spent on the alpha, the only complain we have is the seemingly longer time required for rejuvenation potions to kick in. These potions were known for their quick application and how they helped players avoid certain death in the endgame. Needless to say, the lag is rather noticeable
Alas, technically speaking, the remaster runs quite smoothly on mid-high end gaming rigs. Players with weaker rigs have noted how the loading times for waypoints and other aspects are quite longer than the original 2000 release. But, as long as you optimize your settings, even an older and slower PC can run the game fairly well without compromising in the overall quality of the gameplay.


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1 month ago

Nice summary, and thanks for giving some of the details for those of us who couldn’t play the Alpha

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